Skanska HQ in Helsinki is the Tekla Global BIM Award winner 2011!

Skanska HQ in Helsinki is the Tekla Global BIM Award winner 2011! Already awarded the Finnish Tekla BIM Award 1st prize earlier this autumn, the new Skanska HQ now won the global award, for it's "pioneering work by utilizing a highly detailed building information model at every step of the building and construction process with outstanding results". Among other things, the extensive use of the BIM and collaboration aspects were praised, as well as the use of IFC for project collaboration and communication for combining the models from different project parties. The model combining work was done by our office.

Winners of The Tekla Global BIM Awards 2011 Announced

Manskun Rasti: An information model from the future


Harri Laine has left the building

Harri Laine, founding partner of Larkas & Laine, has decided to retire after almost 40 years in architecture business. His legacy is our office; one of the largest architecture firms in Finland today.


St. Petersburg news: Technopolis Pulkovo office awarded 1st prize

Technopolis Pulkovo 1st phase won the CRE Federal Awards 2011 for commercial real estate in office category. Director of Technopolis Pulkovo, Mr. Peter Coachman, attended the awards gala and accepted the prize; a golden brick.


Roof up in the sky

The new Skanska HQ is under construction in Helsinki. Today, the 200 square meter atrium roof, weighing 42.000 kilograms, was lifted to its place with a special crane brought to the site for this purpose only. The atrium roof was built ready on the ground, down to the ceiling panels. This took two months; lifting it to its place, on top of the 8th floor, took only two hours. All parties involved in the project came to see this unusual event.

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